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planning a hunting safari?

You can book an iGala Productions cameraman to film your safari at any safari destination. We specialise in the filming of African safaris but also accompany hunters and fishermen worldwide.

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What to expect

Your iGala Productions cameraman will meet you at your final airport of arrival and travel with you either on charter plane or vehicle to camp.

Our cameramen are experienced and trained to capture the action without influencing any part of the hunt. They know when to move, how to stalk and can quickly read African animal behaviour, especially when you pursue dangerous game.

Except for the hunt cameramen are trained to capture the entire “Spirit” of your safari. This include wildlife, scenery, camp and all the emotions which creates your true African adventure.

Our cameramen are friendly and passionate about outdoor filming. Yet they are discreet and will respect your personal space during your safari.

What your final video will look like

You will receive your video on disk of choice: DVD and/or BluRay. The disk and cover will be colour printed with a personalised design of your safari.

Your video will start with a menu to select the entire video or an action packed highlight clip.

On an average 7 tot 10 day safari, video duration will be 45minutes to 1hour depending on the amount of action and editing requests. The highlight clip is usually about 3minutes. We also deliver the highlight clip as ’n separate MP4 for iPhone.

Videos are professionally edited with suitable music and personalised motion graphics designed specifically for your video including intro, maps, name-straps etc. Videos are colour graded and all sound are professionally checked to ensure a high quality end product.

Your cameramen will also take high quality still photos for you during your safari.

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